Small Reusable Bags with Handles, Red Fabric Tote Bags, Strong and Eco Friendly for Shopping, Gifts, Groceries, Merchandise, Events, Parties, Take-Out, Giveaways, Retail Stores, Bulk 12 Pcs – 8x4x10

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Brand: Prime Line Packaging

Color: Red


  • QUALITY DESIGN: Made with premium reusable materials and fully sewn construction, these eco-friendly bags not only can withstand the strain of heavy use but also look great! Unlike the heat-sealed construction of many competing bags, our seams are fully sewn. Which makes them stronger, sturdier, and more durable than your average reusable bag. Available in a variety of colors, these bags have sewn seams with piping for a more refined and sophisticated look.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION: Eggs break, milk opens, messes suck. Our bags are 100% washable and made from durable materials that don’t fade with time -you don’t have to throw these out after a few messes. Our heavyweight polypropylene non-woven fabric is rigid enough to stand up on its own – no more fumbling with your bags while checking out! You don’t want to worry about your bags, but you’ll be glad we did with reinforced handles and a rigid enclosure that won’t crack under pressure!
  • MULTI-USE: Perfect for gifting, grocery shopping, retail shopping, wedding gifts, bridesmaids bags, holidays, events, the gym, toiletries, travel, shoes, storage, moving, and so much more! These bags are tough enough to handle the job and versatile enough for any occasion.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Make a difference and give back to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Our bags are made from reusable and washable material, reducing the need for plastic, single-use bags.
  • Care Instructions: Dropped your groceries down the stairs? No problem (well, for your bag) – just throw it in the wash and hang it to dry. Good as new! We don’t recommend heat transfer printing – if that’s what you’re into, contact us directly for better options!

Package Dimensions: 67x293x308

Details: Each premium reusable gift bag by Prime Line Packaging measures 8″W x 10″H X 4″D and each purchase comes in a pack of 12 bags. Our reusable shopping bags are made from heavy duty, durable and reusable pp non-woven. Our bags are sewn, unlike some others which are heat sealed and can easily break or rip. Sewn construction is far superior in terms of strength and durability for reusable shopping or gift bags. To sew our bags, we use thread at the seams and turn top. Our seams are also finished with reinforced piping for a cleaner, more durable look. Our handles also have reinforced thread stitching where the handles are attached to the bag. This is also for superior strength and durability. The pp non-woven material is rigid enough to stand up on its own for easy loading and unloading. Our reusable pp non-woven bags are great to use as gift bags, retail shopping bags, or even as food service take out bags. The red pp non-woven material serves as a blank canvas to customize with logos, stickers, fabric paints, or markers. Use these tools to create your own branded bag for parties, boutiques and stores or to simply decorate as a gift.

UPC: 850950007471