Safe Secure Tamper Evident Seals for Drink Lids 1″ x 9″ 500 Total Labels

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Color: 19


  • TAMPER EVIDENT: Apply this food-safety seal to ensure food has not been tampered with in transit.
  • FOOD DELIVERY & TO-GO STICKER: Use this label for food delivery as well as take-out and to-go drinks.
  • EASY TO PEEL & APPLY: Label stickers can be carefully removed from the roll and will stay in place.
  • SEMI-GLOSS PAPER MATERIAL: These labels have a semi-gloss paper material that sticks to most surfaces.
  • MADE IN THE USA: We proudly make our labels right here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Package Dimensions: 42x168x590

Details: These tamper-evident seals are for placing over the lids of cups. They protect the customer from possible tampering from the time the drink leaves the hands of the employee to the time the customer receives it.

They measure at 1 x 9 inches in length as they are long enough to fit over most standard dome size lids as well as most sizes of cups and flat lids. There is a middle 1.5″ circle that helps to really hold these on the lids firmly. They have a strong adhesive backing and will stay on strong.

These are made of semi-gloss paper with eco-friendly print. The label is black and has “Tamper Evident” on each side. This is because it will show on each side of the cup.

The middle circle has the logo of a colorful cup and around it says “Safe – Secure” three times. This tells the customer exactly what these labels are for.

The safety seals come on rolls of 500. We provide quantity discounts at checkout starting at ten rolls and more.

If you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or retail outlet that provides to-go drinks, you will earn the respect of your customers as they will be thankful you are doing all you can to protect them.