Doordash Delivery Driver Shoes – Mens Running Shoes Stylish Doordash Logo

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Brand: Aetves

Color: Doordash Dyeing Delivery


  • Limited edition Running Shoes Ultra Light Natural Rubber Material,True to size,Not only does it fit well,the craftsmanship is impeccable!
  • Style Sneakers are durable and supportive,open mesh upper for maximum breathability,comfort and superior cushioning,quality and fit.
  • Classic The double density booster cushion on the inside of the running shoe provides dynamic stability for smooth,sensitive riding,Amazing color schemes that are comfortable enough for everyday wear.
  • Designer Running shoes are very refined and stylish,with shorts,jeans and even a pair of loose pants.
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Details: They walked for many miles and did not show much wear and tear. The sturdy design and adventurous performance are strong on any road.