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Car Air Purifier Ionizer – 12V Plug-in Ionic Anti-Microbial Car Deodorizer with Dual USB Charger – Smoke Smell, Pet and Food Odors, Allergens, Viruses Eliminator for Car (Matte Black)

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Color: Black


  • ★REMOVES ALLERGENS-pollen dust PM2.5 pet dander mold spores-Cool formaldehyde VOC remover for cars
  • ★ELIMINATES SMELLS of smoke, pet, foods, teen sweat stink, vomit, sports gear ★No Filter inside
  • ★KILLS VIRUSES BACTERIA keeping vehicle air safe for family and kids-Generates Safe level of Ozone
  • ★ POWERFUL 2.1 Amp DUAL USB CAR CHARGER powers phone with tablet lightning fast and safely
  • ★TRY IT RISK-FREE★30 days Money Back Guarantee★Lifetime Warranty★Don’t plug into 24V socket

Package Dimensions: 47x143x82

Details: Exclusive Muted Chrome Series – Car Air Purifier with USB Charger★It’s small in size and the most powerful ionizer for cars. Ionic Air Purifier removes 99% of air impurities – dust, pollen, smoke, unwanted smells, mold spores and pet dander from car air. Safe level of emitted ozone kills germs, viruses and bacterias★It is perfect Car Deodorizer for smokers. Emitted ozone naturally eliminates roots of stale smells instead of covering odors up★Innovative multi-needlepoint ionization technology★ The ultimate 5.6 millions of negative ions attach to positive charged particles such as allergens and air pollutants causing them to become too heavy to stay airborne. At this point they attach to nearby surfaces. As a result, negative ions remove air pollutants and prevent you from respiratory problems★NOTE 1★Unlike chemical air freshners, this air cleaner has not instant effect. Ionic purifying is effective if your average trip is about 30 minutes. Ozone removes stale odors after 5-7 days of daily use★NOTE 2★Sound is normal for the ionizers. Periodically sound may be affected by air environment such as temperature/humidity and ionizer may sound higher than normal★The great multifunctional 2-in-1 accessory for private vehicle. Car Ionizer requires no space in car. You don’t need to share 12V socket between air purifier and charger. Built-in 2.1A USB ports deliver the optimum charge to mobile phone with tablet and charges safely against current surges and shorts★Exclusive Muted Chrome Design with durable aluminum body. Car Purifier has Muted Chrome ion outlet head coating aiming to reduce distractive glimmer of chrome★Specification★Input-12V ★Output-5V / 2.1A★Net weight-40g(1.44 oz) ★Negative ion concentration-5,600,000 pcs/cm³ ★Safe Ozone concentration ≤ 0.05ppm ★Operating Temp -10°C ~ 40°C(14°F ~ 104°F) ★Storage Temp -20°C ~ 60°C(-4°F ~ 140°F)

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